I’m currently in a position where I have so many things I’d like to do.

Some shortlist.

  • Photography
    • Portraiture - whenever I meet someone that I’m interested in.
    • Nature - when I’m with mother nature.
    • Street Photography - whenever I’m in a city where it’s appropriate.
  • Short Film Documentary
  • Software Development
  • Surfing
  • Strength Training

In no particular order and that’s probably a lot of things already. But well, I may not be an expert on any, but I enjoy it, so yeah, fuck it, I’m going to try learning these things.

Philosophy in learning?

Brute force. That’s precisely my framework of learning. I got no schedule, got no pressure, and it’s whenever I feel like it. I acknowledge that it’s not a suitable method. However, as long as I know why I like doing that thing, I will do it, no excuses.